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  • Sorry, Please Say That Again ↑

    Sorry, Please Say That Again ↑

    Sorry, Please Say That Again (2022) Exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP 서울), Seoul from 15 September to 2 October 2022 with 3 works made in collaboration with Vera van de Syep. This project is based on the poetry of Lee Sang (이상, 1910-1937), a Korean avant-garde literary writer, and a Dutch poet Paul van…

  • Fantasia Realism ↑

    Fantasia Realism ↑

    Fantasia Realism (2022) 20′, live performance with a projection. Created and co-directed by:Soyun Park & Wellsgoodness (Inwoo Jung) Costume & stage props design: Mika Schalks & Luka DortmansFlorist: Serena KimMakeup & hair: Mika SchalksResearch assistant: Cailean Finn Fantasia Realism is an audio-visual live performance experimenting with surrealistic experiences through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Drawing on the methodology of early…

  • Wunderkammer 10.0 ↑

    Wunderkammer 10.0 ↑

    Wunderkammer 10.0 (2021) 31′ 04″3-channel installation (also available for 1 channel)Co-directed with Inwoo Jung, Yelim KiSupported by Stimuleringsfonds The screener can be provided upon request. Patching together fragmented memories, the artificially-intelligent protagonist takes us through a virtual world based on reality. Wunderkammer 10.0 is a short audio-visual sci-fi film that depicts inequality in terms of assymmetrical access…

  • In the Middle of Attention ↑

    In the Middle of Attention ↑

    In the Middle of Attention (2021) 3′ 34″Commissioned by Nederland FotomuseumCurated by Anne Bousema, Conal Gilliand, Noemí Pascual Herrero, Minke van der Maas, Fiepke van Niel, and Lili Wallis⁣Windows photo courtesy Fred Ernst⁣⁣Music by Inwoo Jung (From the curator’s words)“In the video work In The Middle of Attention, Soyun Park investigates what makes a photo meaningful for…

  • Untitled Audio Performance ↑

    Untitled Audio Performance ↑

    Untitled Audio Performance (2021) Film & performance In collaboration with Berk Özdemir. What if we use surveillance to make music? Using object detection classification with neural networks, my good friend and artist Berk Özdemir and I got tracked by cameras, and the data we produced transformed into sound. So the movement we made in the…

  • Perspectives ↑

    Perspectives ↑

    Perspectives (2020-2021) In collaboration with Sòley, Bimetric (Antoine Josselin, José Silva) Perspectives is an immersive performance-installation evolving around the phenomenon of perception points. The piece seeks to open up a space in which the audience and the performers can collectively explore conceivable dimensions of matter. In this context, matter refers to both the material itself as well as…

  • The Future Towards Movement ↑

    The Future Towards Movement ↑

    The Future Towards Movement (2019) Experimental film, projected on multi-screens on a loop Technology plays a huge role in the evolution of human movement. The weightless acts of moving our small body parts became a universal language. The Future Towards Movement investigates how technology reflects our daily movement. Surrounded by portrait-oriented, familiar-looking objects — as we all…

  • Balloons ↑

    Balloons ↑

    Balloons (2019) Experimental film, 8′ 42″ ‘Balloons’ reveals contemporary issues, boredom, fetishism and radicalizing, using the form of augmented reality. Facing back to the splendid, colourful balloons reminding full of festivity bringing these balloons into our real life — we face the provocative gap between the two realities.

  • Mittkierken 10 ↑

    Mittkierken 10 ↑

    Mittkierken 10 (2020) Sound by Tarè Lachs Where are they all running? Duplications, copy and paste, found footage, error messages, pop-ups, Photoshop marquee tool, internet memes. Together with digital discourses, these chaotic moving images create a complicated non-linear narrative in correlation with the structure of the sound.

  • Translated Face Filter ↑

    Translated Face Filter ↑

    Translated Face Filter (2019) In collaboration with Jung Hyun Kim Globalization, led by the widespread supply of the internet has brought people together. Accordingly, the frequency of communication in a different language to our mother tongue has increased. In fact, every language has a distinctive way of expressing. In the process of translation, we adapt language…