In the Middle of Attention (2021)

(From the curator’s words)
“In the video work In The Middle of Attention, Soyun Park investigates what makes a photo meaningful for the history of Dutch photography. She searched various hashtags on Instagram, including #dutchphotography, to create a huge collection of Dutch photos.

The artist’s method results in two different layers of photography curation. Firstly, a large amount of images are downloaded by Park via a hashtag filter, whereby an autonomous form of curating the Instagram users is embraced by the artist. Secondly, Park then organizes and transforms these images herself into a moving presentation, in which her own creative and experimental form of curating comes to the fore on the basis of the hashtags. Park uses the flow of images in her work to adopt a critical stance.

The title In The Middle of Attention ironically refers to the way Park puts a spotlight on all photography that could not be part of the Hall of Fame.”

This work is part of the exhibition ‘THRESHOLD SPACE’ presented by The Nederlands Fotomuseum from January 21 to March 18, 2021⁣⁣.

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