Fantasia Realism (2022)

20′, live performance with a projection.

Costume & stage props design: Mika Schalks & Luka Dortmans
Florist: Serena Kim
Makeup & hair: Mika Schalks
Research assistant: Cailean Finn

Fantasia Realism is an audio-visual live performance experimenting with surrealistic experiences through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Drawing on the methodology of early 20th-century surrealist artists who used non-linear narratives as a way to explore pure unconsciousness, the artists used AI to develop the script of the performance using reality-based input words.

In this project, a machine learning system trained on fictional stories such as fairy tales, horrors and thrillers is used to generate a composition of visual and sonic material which the two artists then manipulate live in a theatrical performance.

The audience is invited to experience sensory stimulations such as a strong earthy scent and misty fog when entering space. This captivatingly submerges them into the 20 minutes of fantasy and eerie, fictional dreams.

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