Growing up in Seoul, South Korea where technological development is being rapidly intertwined with lives every moment, I found the need of exploring my position in this digital realm.

I’m fascinated by technology’s historical, emotional, literary, comical, filmic, fictional, humane, societal, political, gamified, capitalised, decentralised, and solidarity aspects. I often examine ‘tools’ from different perspectives and feel the joy of exploring them in connection to a larger context, often with humour. Then I become very fluid with the technology, hopping on and off and learning different pieces such as AI – language, image, sound-based models, real-time generative tools, volumetric captures, web, 3d, data scraping, and so on.

Often in collaboration with sound artists, my work takes the forms of videos, installations, audiovisual performances experimenting variety of new media and technology, investigating connection and the gap between the RGB world and reality which is getting thinner every day.