Artist Bio

She’s fascinated by technology’s historical, emotional, literary, comical, filmic, fictional, humane, societal, political, gamified, capitalised, decentralised, and solidarity aspects. She often examines ‘tools’ from different perspectives and feels the joy of exploring them in connection to a larger context, often with humour.

Often in collaborations, her work takes the forms of videos, installations, and audiovisual performances experimenting variety of new media and technology, investigating connection and the gap between the RGB world and reality which is getting thinner every day.

She has exhibited and performed at media art festivals, cultural venues and film festivals including for example Rewire Festival (NL), Nederland Fotomuseum (NL), Ars Electronica (AT), CTM Festival (DE), Jeonju International Film Festival (KR) and iii workspace (NL).

Artist Bio (short)