Photography by Soonyoung Jung ⁣

Sorry, Please Say That Again (2022)

This project is based on the poetry of Lee Sang (이상, 1910-1937), a Korean avant-garde literary writer, and a Dutch poet Paul van Ostaijen(1896-1928). The text data extracted based on specific information in the poetry is converted into image data and then back into sound, by the Korean artist Soyun Park and the Dutch artist Vera van de Seyp in collaboration with A.I. It is a multidisciplinary art project in which literature (text), music (sound), and art (image) are reconstructed through generation and artificial intelligence. This project aims to create a duet of harmony that transcends countries and generations with technology.

<001 Somewhere between two rows of facades>
Single-channel Video, Sound, 16min

<002 Now I feel the dying sunlight take me>
7-channel Video, Projector, 4min 47 sec

South Korean public broadcast media KBS introduced the exhibition on their news channel.

Soyun Park, Vera van de Syep <001 Somewhere between two rows of facades>
Vera van de Syep <003 When it is sharp and rough>

Captured images from the videos of 4 poetry pieces written by Lee Sang and Paul van Ostaijen.

Soyun Park <002 Now I feel the dying sunlight take me>

“This work is visually arranged on the ground as if they were drawing shapes. Soyun Park and Al created an image using text as material by applying some specific methodologies, just as Lee Sang and Paul did. The combination of woven imagery created by Al and poetry may be a device that makes a better understanding of the poem or increase the difficulty in the comprehension of the texts/poems. However, it also provides an opportunity to experience the series of translation and communication processes in that it encounters the emotions that come out when dealing with unfamiliar things.” – assistant curator Yoonji Eo.

While researching for the project, we had a great conversation about language and literature with Yang Kyungeon, a writer and critic from South Korea. This dialogue has been printed as a publication and was placed at the exhibition alongside the books that are connected to the subject.

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