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    Bibimbap News (2023) In collaboration with Jaeha Ban, Seunghee HaPerformed at festival WASTELAND, in The Grey Space in the Middle. Photos by Esmée de Vette. BIBIMBAP NEWS: HERE’S THE SECRET WE FOUND FROM NORTH KOREAN GARBAGE STRANDED ON THE SOUTH KOREAN BEACH is a lecture, performance, and ongoing research that begins with investigating North Korean…

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    Fantasia Realism ↑

    Fantasia Realism (2022) 20′, live performance with a projection. Created and co-directed by:Soyun Park & Wellsgoodness (Inwoo Jung) Costume & stage props design: Mika Schalks & Luka DortmansFlorist: Serena KimMakeup & hair: Mika SchalksResearch assistant: Cailean Finn Fantasia Realism is an audio-visual live performance experimenting with surrealistic experiences through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Drawing on the methodology of early…

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    Mothers ↑

    Mothers (2020) Stage, live visuals, editing by Soyun ParkVoice, live electronics, music by SòleyCamera by Peter Pflügler, Irene CharlotteCommissioned by Festival Dag in de Branding This work is part of the project ‘Perspectives’, a performance-installation created in collaboration with Creative Catastrophe Collective . Perspectives is a performance-installation evolving around the phenomenon of perception points. The piece seeks to open…

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    Untitled Audio Performance ↑

    Untitled Audio Performance (2021) Film & performance In collaboration with Berk Özdemir. What if we use surveillance to make music? Using object detection classification with neural networks, my good friend and artist Berk Özdemir and I got tracked by cameras, and the data we produced transformed into sound. So the movement we made in the…

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    Balloons ↑

    Balloons (2019) Experimental film, 8′ 42″ ‘Balloons’ reveals contemporary issues, boredom, fetishism and radicalizing, using the form of augmented reality. Facing back to the splendid, colourful balloons reminding full of festivity bringing these balloons into our real life — we face the provocative gap between the two realities.

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    Translated Face Filter ↑

    Translated Face Filter (2019) In collaboration with Jung Hyun Kim Globalization, led by the widespread supply of the internet has brought people together. Accordingly, the frequency of communication in a different language to our mother tongue has increased. In fact, every language has a distinctive way of expressing. In the process of translation, we adapt language…