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  • Sorry, Please Say That Again ↑

    Sorry, Please Say That Again ↑

    Sorry, Please Say That Again (2022) Exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP 서울), Seoul from 15 September to 2 October 2022 with 3 works made in collaboration with Vera van de Syep. This project is based on the poetry of Lee Sang (이상, 1910-1937), a Korean avant-garde literary writer, and a Dutch poet Paul van…

  • Re-__Performance and Speaker Series ↑

    Re-__Performance and Speaker Series ↑

    Re-__Performance and Speaker Series (2020) Commissioned by Atomic Culture Re-____ Performance and Speaker Series looks at what it means to re-sound, reexamine, and reimagine cultural knowledge through modes of experimentation, improvisation, and collaboration. Each participant builds upon a framework that allows for the processing of the past and the emergence of alternative patterns while addressing the…

  • ELIZA 2020 ↑

    ELIZA 2020 ↑

    ELIZA 2020 (2020) https://soyunparrrk.github.io/ELIZA2020/Typeface by Elias HanzerData scraped from wikiHow Welcome to a phycological help center created with wikiHow technology.  Due to the rapid change in the way of communications, the new generations seek education for human interaction. ELIZA2020 is evolved from the one built in the 1960s to sort out this situation. Using wikiHow —…

  • Kiss Generator ↑

    Kiss Generator ↑

    Kiss Generator (2019) Made with OpenRNDR. In collaboration with Handi Kim Kiss Generator randomly generates intimate scenes including fictional/non-fictional characters, locations and activities — goofily presenting non-binary love. Written in OpenRNDR as a result of the TECH WEEK workshop at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

  • Real Eyes, Realize ↑

    Real Eyes, Realize ↑

    Real Eyes, Realize (2019) http://www.realeyesrealize.me/Commissioned by Diana Gheorghiu Real Eyes, Realize is a publication created by Diana Gheorghiu as part of the graduation process for the Royal Academy Of Art, The Hague, Photography Department. The paper aims to define 21st-century photography and to reveal the elements that describe the medium influenced by the age of the…