Re-__Performance and Speaker Series (2020)

Re-____ Performance and Speaker Series looks at what it means to re-sound, reexamine, and reimagine cultural knowledge through modes of experimentation, improvisation, and collaboration. Each participant builds upon a framework that allows for the processing of the past and the emergence of alternative patterns while addressing the dynamics of spectatorship and display inherent in the context of the exhibition.

Designed and developed the identity and web for this online series.

The whole identity was made inspired by the 6 keywords of the event, re-imagine, visit, examine, claim, sound and connect. Considering the client’s wish that it should include interactivity, I decided to let the ‘Re-‘ part stay and the other words move, by the users’ interaction — so the words are completed.

The boxes are randomly placed every time the website is refreshed, and each box links to each artist’s individual page.

The sketches, feedback and design changes before the development are made with Adobe XD.

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