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  • Wunderkammer 10.0 ↑

    Wunderkammer 10.0 ↑

    Wunderkammer 10.0 (2021) 31′ 04″3-channel installation (also available for 1 channel)Co-directed with Inwoo Jung, Yelim KiSupported by Stimuleringsfonds The screener can be provided upon request. Patching together fragmented memories, the artificially-intelligent protagonist takes us through a virtual world based on reality. Wunderkammer 10.0 is a short audio-visual sci-fi film that depicts inequality in terms of assymmetrical access…

  • Mothers ↑

    Mothers ↑

    Mothers (2020) Stage, live visuals, editing by Soyun ParkVoice, live electronics, music by SòleyCamera by Peter Pflügler, Irene CharlotteCommissioned by Festival Dag in de Branding This work is part of the project ‘Perspectives’, a performance-installation created in collaboration with Creative Catastrophe Collective . Perspectives is a performance-installation evolving around the phenomenon of perception points. The piece seeks to open…

  • The Future Towards Movement ↑

    The Future Towards Movement ↑

    The Future Towards Movement (2019) Experimental film, projected on multi-screens on a loop Technology plays a huge role in the evolution of human movement. The weightless acts of moving our small body parts became a universal language. The Future Towards Movement investigates how technology reflects our daily movement. Surrounded by portrait-oriented, familiar-looking objects — as we all…