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    Balloons ↑

    Balloons (2019) Experimental film, 8′ 42″ ‘Balloons’ reveals contemporary issues, boredom, fetishism and radicalizing, using the form of augmented reality. Facing back to the splendid, colourful balloons reminding full of festivity bringing these balloons into our real life — we face the provocative gap between the two realities.

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    Beethoven Today ↑

    Beethoven Today (2021) Commissioned by Sony Music Entertainment3d modelling in collaboration with Handi Kim For Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, Sony Classical asked me to build an Instagram AR filter to promote both frontline and catalogue recording projects linked to the composer. The form of a face filter has been chosen to broaden the usual audience for classical music.…

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    Aphotic Zone ↑

    Aphotic Zone (2019) Experimental music video, 3′ 39″.Sound by Miro Bollen This short audiovisual film explores a virtual environment with mundane objects through fictional interpretation and absurdity. * This film has been nominated for International Competition for Music Video Award at Fest Ancá, Slovakia in 2019.